Does thca bind to cb1 and cb2?

While the ability of THCA-A to bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptors of cannabinoids in vitro remains controversial, other molecules involved in lipid metabolism have been identified as potential targets. As reported by De Petrocellis et al. The signaling caused by Î9-THCA and Î9-THCV through individual or heteromeric receptor receptors revealed a differential bias, i. The efficacy of HCB1 and hCB2 was investigated in a cyclic adenosine monophospase (cAMP) assay, to determine if THCA-A could inhibit cAMP stimulated by forskolin (i.e., to determine if THCA-A could bind to the orthosteric binding site of HCB1 or HCB1) 2, competition displacement tests were performed (Fig.

THC and THCA-A were directly diluted from the reserves up to 40 μM in a binder buffer supplemented with acetonitrile and ethanol, respectively, to adapt to the vehicle conditions with each compound. Studies suggest that THCA-A may be more stable in herbal cannabis, where it is “hermetically sealed” inside glandular trichomes, whose glandular heads contain up to 10% terpenoids. Analytical RP-HPLC of a sample of THCA-A (lower panel) and of the THC standard (upper panel); absorbance detected at 210 nm. While there is growing interest in THCA-A among physicians, 3,4 decarboxylation studies suggest that THC contamination is almost inevitable.

In cells that express the two receptors, the overall effect of CBG at 100 nM on agonist-induced activation is more consistent with the action on CB2R than on CB1R. HPLC revealed the presence of 2% THC (THCRT%3D18.2 min) in the THCA-A sample (THCA-ART%3D23.9 min), established by correlating the retention time with an authentic THC sample. On the contrary, THCA-B has greater stability and crystallizes more easily than THCA-A2, so THCA-B became the molecule to model studies of cannabinoid receptors. THCA-A showed small but measurable binding in both hCB1 and hCB2, which is equivalent to approximate Ki values of 3.1 μm and 12.5 μm, respectively.

At room temperature in glass bottles with limited exposure to light, THCA-A fell to 80% of initial levels after 25 months.

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